TBR: The Bacon Ranch

It's time for New Beginnings.........

Vote us to the top! 7/15/2015

Want free money ingame? Each vote you cast for us on these website will notify our server and send you 10,000 dollars of ingame money!!! If you vote for us on all three sites every day that equates the 30k a day! Do that and you'll have your own town in no time.

These are the sites you can vote at:

TBR on Planet Minecraft

TBR on minecraftserver.org 

TBR on Minecraft-Server-List



Also with the addition of a colliseum to Spawn, you will be seeing a new plugin added to the server soon. Ultimate Arena will be featured on our server with the creation of some FFA games and maybe even some old school Capture the Flag/King of the Hill game types.



Welcome to The Bacon Ranch.

If you're new to the server, first off, welcome. This server is based around Iconomy and Towny. The goal is to earn money via mining diamonds, gold, iron or through working a /jobs. Once you have enough money you can start your own Town! It will be protected from griefers, your friends can join it, and you can be friends with other towns! Start a town shop! Many things can be achieved. If you have any other questions please browse the site for what I hope to be your answers.

Update 7/8/2015

So here we are almost 2 year after the closing of the original Bacon Ranch. Let me first tell you why things happened the way they did.


In July/August of 2013, in the final days of the server, I moved. As some of you know I did my own hosting on a machine at my house. It was from here that the problems occured to bring the server down.

At my new house the internet upload speed despite me paying over $110/mo was not capable of sustaining a server of our size. Therefore forcing me to close the server. Then in Sept of 2013, aramos765 and I went our seperate ways and that was the end of Minecraft to me.

But there is a light in the dark!!!!!!

2 years later I have been running and can now afford my own Virtual Private Server! I have been hosting a Space Engineers server on my VPS for over a year now but something has always been missing in my video game collection. 

I have decided to revive The Bacon Ranch with the help of some friends and some of you guys that still linger around.


So here are the changes to come


Towny will be used as per the old TBR server.

This website will be updated.

New Plugins will be added!!!!

Staff positions will be available!!!!!


These are the positions I will be looking for;




Played on the original TBR

Over the age of 16

On at least once a day or every other day.

Has Teamspeak

2-4 Moderators

Over the age of 16

Familiar with fundamentals of a server

Has Teamspeak

The only real difference between a Moderator and an Admin will be that an admin will have the ability to control time of day/weather and the ability to unban people.


Positions will be filled as needed and will happen over the next few weeks.

The basis for the server will be up and running in the next day or two. So stay tuned.