TBR: The Bacon Ranch

It's time for New Beginnings.........

What does being a donor mean for me?

Donor Benefits are being revised and will be updated soon. (Hailedbean) 7/8/15 

If this all sounds interesting to you please donate today!
All donation funds received will be used to maintain and or upgrade our server and website. 
Stipulations: By donating you accept that you know our rules and you know cheating is not allowed. Just because you're a donator does not mean that you cannot be jailed, banned, or kicked. All donators must play by the same rules that of which anyone else on the server must play by. No exceptions.
Also note that once you have donated Hailedbean must verify your donation. If he is not online on the server, message him on these forums to receive your status in a speedy fashion. 

All Donations will go into an effort into keeping this server running.