TBR: The Bacon Ranch

It's time for New Beginnings.........



There are rules on this server and they are enforced.

1. No begging for admin rights or teleportation

2. Don't kill NPC's you will go to jail for that

3. Don't spam chat

4. Don't abuse /home feature to avoid death of any sort.

5. Don't log in/out to avoid death. 

6. No advertising WHAT SO EVER, naming a server or an owner of a popular server IS DEEMED AS ADVERTISING.

7. DON'T XRAY, we will know. 

8. DON'T EXPLOIT GLITCHES, if you know of one, kindly tell an admin or moderator.  

9. Don't try to flyhack or any other hack for that matter. This will be detected Immediately

 Also Donating to our server WILL NOT EXCLUDE you from these rules, you are still subject to being banned and/or kicked.

Also Note that in the event of a ban, you can file an appeal via our forums. Usually first time bannees are allowed back, upon removal of said hacks.